Future Proof Your Marriage Now

Invariably in any marriage you will encounter obstacles and challenges that will test the strength of your union. One of the biggest mistakes that couples make however, is believing that they are different, that nothing will disrupt their eternal bliss. But life has a habit of testing us in ways that we had never before imagined.

Unfortunately the divorce courts are flooded with former ‘soulmates’ bitterly fighting over the remnants of their once impenetrable relationship. How does this happen? Why do two people who at one point loved each other more than anything else, end up being the fiercest of enemies? The simple answer is we always see things differently, have different ideas, communicate differently, and have different past experiences.

All of these things can enhance a relationship, but if not handled appropriately can very easily drive a wedge between the two of you. Because it’s usually not a catastrophic event that causes irreparable damage in a relationship, it’s a series of smaller hurts over time that leads to the disconnection that often proves fatal.

Happy and Healthy Relationships provide a 5 session program for pre-nuptials who want to ensure their love grows rather than dies. In the program you will learn all the secrets to a successful marriage and a lifetime of happiness together including:

  • Learning how to communicate so that you always feel heard, understood and supported
  • Understanding your beliefs and values, and how they drive your behaviours and affect your relationship
  • Learning your love languages and love styles, and how they influence the success of your relationship
  • How to ensure you retain deep intimacy and passionate sex forever, and
  • Discovering what to do to ensure your partner will never want to leave you


If you love each other enough to want to do everything in your power to ensure that you don’t end up a divorce statistic, book your free consultation¬†now.

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