Case Studies

Susan & Ted, late 30’s, 1 young child. They found Happy and Healthy Relationships via Google search as a last resort after marriage counselling failed. They had been together for 10 years, however communication had broken down and frustrations had them on verge of divorce. She felt disrespected, he felt controlled.

Things began to improve when we worked through how to listen and communicate effectively, then really transformed when they discovered their love styles and love languages. Once they were able to see the patterns they were stuck in they were then able to work together to create a healthier, more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

After completing the program they had fallen back in love and were the happiest they had been since the early days of their relationship.​

Deborah & Brian, early 50’s, 2 children. They had separated and essentially given up on their relationship, but decided to undertake the program after Deborah heard me talk at a meetup.

After 25 years together they were no longer meeting each other’s needs, and communication had broken down. She needed to feel connected and to talk regularly, whereas he liked his space and struggled with social events. By utilising new communication techniques, and by re-focusing on what was good in the relationship, they were able to turn things around.

They began to realise that they both had different ways of dealing with things, and by accepting this and working together they were able to find common ground. After 4 sessions they moved back in together. They completed the program early and were the happiest they could ever remember being.

Sonia & Ahmad, mid 20’s, no kids. Together for 5 years, they loved each other but were feeling increasingly disconnected. Ahmad struggled to express his feelings and Sonia felt distanced from him.

I helped Ahmad to find and express his feelings, and we looked at how their avoider/vacillator dynamic was impacting them. This was a revelation for them, and totally transformed their relationship. They began to help each other meet their deepest needs, and gained a much greater understanding of each other.

After 7 sessions the connection and bond had returned and once again they were very excited about their future together.

Brenda and Robert, late 40’s, 5 kids. Robert found Happy and Healthy Relationships via an internet search after being disillusioned by previous marriage counselling and looking for something different.

After 20 years of marriage their relationship was struggling under time pressures and having different needs. They were questioning the value of staying together.

Once we identified how Robert’s anxiety was impacting their relationship, and how their ways of communicating love and affection differed, we were able to create a solution. I worked individually with Robert to release his anxiety, and together with them both to improve their communication and minimise the impact of the negative patterns they had become stuck in.

This was very effective in helping them regain their bond and feel as though they were working together to build their relationship back to how they both wanted it. They felt a renewed sense of confidence about their future together. 

Tracy and Michael, late 20’s, no kids. They had been together 3 years and really loved each other, but were doing things that were driving them apart.

They were both trying really hard but failing to meet each other’s needs. We identified that Michael felt a strong need to be understood, and would get angry and frustrated at Tracy’s inability to know what he needed.

This made Tracy feel like she was failing. We worked on changing their ways of communicating, and helping Michael to gently guide Tracy to understand his needs in the relationship.

As a result things turned around completely. They felt totally connected again and happy that they now knew how to continue to grow their relationship.

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