Hi Matt,

Thanks again for your guidance and support.  We are both still in a bit of shock as to how well the program worked.  We have learnt so much and are very excited about our new outlook.

Ashley and Angelique, Melbourne

“Although the relationship with my partner has generally been going well, we found that we had consistent challenges we needed answers to. Since it’s never easy to talk about personal issues with relative strangers, I was amazed by how comfortable I was talking to Matt.

He held me accountable for my actions and showed me a different perspective of my relationship. Matt’s ability to help me feel empowered created a feeling as if I could take on the world and both my partner and I have become closer and confident enough to believe that we can resolve any issue put before us!”

Veronica Jordan, Melbourne

Hi Matt …

Thank you!

Our time with you was invaluable to our evolution as a couple! We have been enlightened to recognise our own love styles and habits and you have provided us with the right tools to nurture and continue to grow into that power couple!

Thank you for also giving us the opportunity to continue to check in with you in the future.

Warm regards

Leanne and Andrew Weaver, Melbourne

Matt, thank you for the wonderful pre-marriage course. We both found it very valuable and use the knowledge gained on a daily basis. A great way to help future proof your marriage!

Posted by Ally Rutherford on Sunday, 19 November 2017

“I first met Matt at a Life Beyond Limits breakthrough event. Matt was one of the crew’s coaches.

At the end of the event the audience can select a coach for a free lesson. My first coaching session with Matt was over the phone.

At that time I was going through a very rough time with a marriage break up due to family violence. I had very low self-esteem and no confidence. Within a few sessions, Matt has helped me as a coach to regain my self-esteem and gain in confidence. He also has helped me to see the reasons why my relationship ended, and to ensure that I do not make the same mistakes again in the future.

Matt is a very positive person with a wealth of wisdom. He is very sincere in helping people, and always has the interest of his clients at heart”

Gisela Mellis, Melbourne

“Matt’s friendly and open style of coaching made us feel at home from the start. This was especially true when he began to share poignant personal anecdotes that related to the experiences I had been through in my relationships. I was able to open-up and to be ready to implement exercises that had immediate effect on my partner and I. We are both grateful that his skills and know-how have enabled our emotional barriers to be removed and to discover consistency. We feel as though our relationship can only continue to blossom from here on”

Bruno Alcouffe, Melbourne

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to give you feedback – the content was excellent! Extremely informative and relevant to common issues in relationships. The REBUILD model was terrific as well as the 6 love styles, your approach is very constructive and useful in terms of addressing dynamics, motivations and communication/personality and background factors (verbal and non verbal). I certainly benefited from the information and gained more insight into my previous relationship issues. Thank you!

Caitlin McCormack, Melbourne

“Matt has helped me work through and clear emotional blockages that have enabled the courage in me to heal and find companions in healthy and safe environments.  My sessions with Matt have helped me find clarity and focus which have given me the means to access my inner guidance whilst navigating the new and unchartered waters of love relationships and dating. Matt’s gentle and caring disposition made me feel at ease and comfortable, allowing me to explore the full benefits of relationship coaching in a dignified way.”

Kate L, Melbourne

“Hi Matt, I just wanted to thank you for all your guidance and support. I am now speaking up more, and I am excited and taking on board what we spoke about and worked on. That little voice in my head is not so loud, and I am finding I can express and show more of myself now. I am already seeing improvements in my relationship which is wonderful, and I know it will continue to get even better! I have work to do, but I feel confident that I can do it and I will take it on to get the results that I need and want (though I shouldn’t call it work because it doesn’t feel like work!). I really appreciated and enjoyed our sessions and found it very easy opening up to you. So once again, thank you Matt, and I will keep you updated with how everything is going”

Eleonora M, Melbourne

“My husband and I transformed our relationship through working with Matt. Matt has a genuinely caring and patient manner, and helped us to feel very supported through the process. At the same time, the program is structured with clear goals and outcomes, helping us to stay on track, to work through and let go of past hurts and to focus positively on the future. Together we have developed new skills to build on our relationship and face challenges in the future with confidence and a shared sense of purpose.”

Georgia, Melbourne

“Working with Matt was a revelation. He helped me to understand how one issue in my life had been dragging me down, and gave me the courage to deal with it. I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can move forward without the baggage that I never realised I was carrying around with me. I feel so much lighter now. Thanks Matt!”

Lyndie J, Melbourne

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